artistic direction

Creating an artistic commentary and implementing it into the editorials & photoshoots, advertising campaigns, flagship events, short films, digital media & communications, website & graphic designs, and finally, the show itself: fashion, music, lighting, set design, projected videos, venue decor....etc.


Development of the brand: creation of the logo, the website, the graphic guidelines (fonts, palettes, textures). Growing the brand image through cohesive aesthetics of professional quality.

communication strategy

Promotion of the brand using a strong and identifiable voice: original marketing content (chalk tags, social media postings, tumblr blogs, interviews, print & online content). Creation of marketing strategy and long-term plan to increase brand presence.

  • Writing copy: press releases, event invitations, editorial pieces...

public relations

Establishment of strategic relationships, direct contacts, and network database. Interaction with local, national, and international press outlets, photographers, fashion houses, and monetary sponsors. Involvement through interviews, creative direction, and overall hospitality.

technical desigN: web, graphics, photography, music, visual display

In addition to orchestrating the overarching creative concept, my technical skills have allowed me to personally design and execute the website (inc. maintenance) and original promotional content (films, social media graphics, zines, edited photos). 

  • Editing and formatting images for web and print
  • Producing wireframes, mockups, UI/UX art assets
  • Optimizing content for search engine sharing and distribution across channels
  • For SS2016, in particular, I was the main photographer for all editorials.
  • Original accessories and design garments for show's opening
  • Collaborate with resident DJs to create opening soundtracks

event production & leadership

Management of a 70-person committee: involves critical skills in effective communication and conflict resolution. Oversee all aspects of the production, brainstorming creative and cost-effective solutions in order to meet budget guidelines and ensuring the completion of time-sensitive projects.